OSCP Resources – OS Privilege Escalation

Once you gain an initial foothold on a machine you may need to escalate your current privilege to the highest available on the machine.

Depending on the operating system, there are may ways to accomplish this.

Here are some useful Privilege Escalation resources that will hopefully be of use to you.

Linux Privilege Escalation, in my opinion, is pretty straight forward and less complex. The guide by g0tmi1k pretty much covers everything you need to know to get root.


Windows on the other hand is pretty convoluted in terms of the amount of configurations/locations you have to trawl through just to find that one potential way to privilege escalation. This would be extremely challenging if you are not familiar with using Windows in CLI.




Lastly, there is also another good resource written by Sagi Shahar covering privilege escalation on both Windows and Linux in one handy mindmap.


That’s all I have for today. See you in the next update.