OSCP Resources – Cheatsheets

Over the next coming week, I will be sharing some resources that have helped me throughout my OSCP journey. However please do not take my list of resources as gospel because there has been changes to the PWK/OSCP syllabus.

The following sites contains cheatsheets that are useful for quick lookup of generating reverse shells, privilege escalation techniques and tools.

The cheatsheets that I found myself use the most are the ones from sushant747 and highon.coffee. Both cheatsheets cover the techniques and tools used during penetration testing.



In pentestmonkey, you will find a cheatsheet on generating reverse shell but you will also find useful scripts and webshells that would aid you in your OSCP journey.


In 0daysecurity, techniques and tools are categorized according to port numbers. Perfect for when you first start when you are unfamiliar with the tools that you should run when you encounter certain ports.


Another cheatsheet that I find useful is the Metasploit payloads cheatsheet from OlivierLaFlamme. This cheatsheet contains common msfvenom commands to generate a variety of payloads and shellcodes.


These are some of the few cheatsheets that I have used to help me when I first started but have also continued to leverage them as I study.

That’s all I have for today. Stay tune for more OSCP preparation resources in the coming weeks.