OSCP Exam Experience

First Attempt

My exam time was on the 22nd of May 1400hrs.

I worked for the first half of day and took the rest of the day off to do the exam.

Went through the whole registration process with some minor hiccups but those hiccups did not impact the overall exam experience.

I had small toilet/water breaks here and there. I took a 1 hour break for dinner as I did not prepare anything beforehand so I had to quickly drive out to buy a kebab. I also manage to squeeze a quick shower in that hour.

Yes, I had some beers while doing the exam. It’s apparently allowed but of course do not go too overboard which might impair your thinking.

However, it was at this point of time I know that I will not pass as I have spent 4 hours doing the Buffer Overflow machine with no visible progress made.

I “slept” for 4 or 5 hours but I wouldn’t call it a proper sleep because my brain was still pretty much thinking about the exam.

At this point of time, I only had 60 points under my belt and try as I may, I was not able to further compromise any box to gain 5 or 10 more points to pass.

I got the results 3 days later indicating that I did not pass.

Ah well… Try Harder again I guess…

Second Attempt

For my second attempt, I scheduled it for the 2nd of July 1000hrs. That date and time was the earliest and best I could get immediately after the cool down period of 30 days.

I woke up early and headed to my nearest Coffee Club to have a huge eggs benedict for breakfast. I even had time to walk around the neighborhood to digest the huge breakfast!

Went through the whole registration process and once again ran into some minor hiccups but nothing showstopping.

Unlike my first attempt, I managed to compromise the BOF machine in 90 minutes!

Like the first attempt, I had small toilet/water breaks here and there. For dinner, I also took around an hour but this time round I had leftover dinner for the previous night.

Again, I had some beers to accompany me through the night.

I tried to sleep but got up after 2 hours as my brain was in a whirlwind. Logged in back to the exam and within 30 minutes I was able to fully compromise the 10-points machine which had me perplexed for a couple of hours prior to sleeping.

At this point of time, I had 65 points.

After fixing up a couple of errors which may have caused me to fail, I went back to sleep for another 2 hours.

Waking up feeling not that refreshed, I had a quick breakfast and attempted to fully compromise a partially compromised machine.

As the deadline looms, I was not able to get any further. I am still at 65 points which leaves no margin for error as I will only be at exactly the passing mark of 70 after factoring in the lab exercise report.

Got my results 2 days after and the rest is history…