OffSec Proving Grounds

The OffSec concept of Proving Grounds (PG) is to allow InfoSec teams to train and hone their skill in highly realistic networked environment based off the OSCP course network environment.

Even though Proving Grounds (PG) have been around since 2014, it was only available to enterprise customers but on the 22nd of September 2020, OffSec added PG Play and PG Practice to Proving Grounds to cater to individuals looking to sharpen their pentesting skills.

4 PG tiers for different users

PG for individuals are split into 2 tiers; Play and Practice. PG Play is the free tier while Practice is the paid tier with different features, quite similar to HTB offerings.

However, the biggest difference between PG Play and PG Practice is the type of machines available to users.

For the paying PG Practice users, they would get unlimited access to both curated VulnHub community machines and OffSec-designed machines with retired OSCP machine being featured occasionally. While PG Play users will only have time-limited access (3 hours per day) to curated VulnHub community machines.

Judging by the PG Practice features, it looks like OffSec is trying to compete with HTB by offering up a cost-effective alternative to the costly OSCP lab extension. Thus winning OSCP candidates, using HTB as exam preparation, back into the OffSec ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see how PG for individuals evolve in response to the growing demand for online pentesting labs.