Leaked NSA exploit used in mass malware attack!

This is probably the first instance of a Malware (Ransomware) using NSA exploits leaked by ShadowBrokers to lock users out of their computers and holding the data hostage!

The reason why this incident is splashed all over the front pages of major tech sites and the BBC is because the ransomware affected a large portion of UK’s National Health System (NHS) which resulted in hospitals/GPs closing down or rejecting patients while their IT Incident Response Team scramble to deal with the mess.

Other large organisation targeted by this ransomware included a national telco and energy companies in Spain.

From what I can gather, the infected machines did not have the patch released by Microsoft addressing the vulnerability applied! This front page news should give the good old change management a kick in the bum to quickly progress the approvals for patch updates!

Source: Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries – BBC News

Screenshot of the Ransomware at work