I am attending Cisco Live Melbourne 2019!

In 2017 I wrote a post on Cisco Live US 2018 and made a promise that I would attend one in the near future.

This year 2019 I have made a very last minute decision to attend Cisco Live, not in San Diego California but in Melbourne Australia! A short 3 and a half hours plane ride from Perth Australia.

Cisco Live Melbourne 2019 is held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from the 4th of March till 8th of March.

To ensure that I get the full Cisco Live experience, I bought the Full Conference pass for AUD2200. If I have got the pass before the 15th of December 2018, I would have paid only AUD1900.

Lesson for all who is looking to go to Cisco Live (Doesn’t matter where) is to plan and purchase your Cisco Live pass early.

The Full Conference pass not only entitles you to attend all of the various talks and breakout sessions available throughout the 4 days but also reception functions.

Cisco Live Melbourne full conference pass inclusions list

If you are always thinking about what to have for your next meal like me, not to worry as meals are also covered as part of the Full Conference pass and from what I’ve heard is that Cisco puts on a scrumptious feed for all Cisco Live attendees.

The last thing you want to worry about while rushing from each breakout sessions or talks would be where to get your next meal.

Yes, you will be rushing from sessions to sessions as you see can from my own schedule below!

cisco live melbourne personal schedule

I am definitely looking forward to attending my first Cisco Live where I would not only be learning from the experts but also be entertained at the same time!

Stay tune for this space as I bring you updates on some of the stuff that I have seen at Cisco Live Melbourne 2019!